Welcome to the World of Chef Andrew!

All About Andrew

    Chef Andrew (aka Andrew Tokas, Jr.) began his illustrious culinary career at the tender age of 4, standing on a step stool beside his Grandma and helping her roll biscuits, make cookies, clean fruits and vegetables from the garden, and just about anything imaginable to a young boy's fancy. Thus began his love affair with food....

    Since that time, Chef Andrew has refined his skills and honed his craft by working in such well-known restaurants as The Trellis Restaurant in Colonial Williamsburg,  The Radisson Governor's Inn in RTP/Durham, Cafe Jean-Claude and Cafe Roma in Raleigh.  A personal "Thank You" goes out in particular to Chef Marcel Desaulnier, Chef Philip Delaplane, and Chef Jonathan Zearfoss all formerly of The Trellis Restaurant, as well as Chef Jean-Claude Gros-Piron and Chef Franco Gangi who both fostered Chef Andrew's talent and encouraged him to further his career in hospitality and the food industry.  Additionally, Chef Andrew had the good fortune of apprenticing for a year under the tutelage of Master Janie Dubois in Montpellier, France.  Without her, he never would have acquired a solid understanding of the ultimate in classic cooking :  French Haute Cuisine. 

Since the late 90's, Chef Andrew has lived in Atlanta and worked privately as a chef preparing meals in client's homes, catering holiday parties and gatherings,  hosting wine tastings and food pairings, and celebrating life in general.  He is active with the Atlanta Wine Century,  ATL Dinner Club, and The Atlanta Wine Meet-Up as well as the 2012 Feasts of the Quarter Days.