Chef Andrew and his creations Chef Andrew and his creations Your chef and new best friend 150973461 Fondant birthday cake Chef Andrew is well versed in the art of fondant decorating and is an accomplished Sugar Artist as well. Let him design your wedding cake, baby shower cake, birthday cake, or just-because-cake! 150973462 French onion soup There are as many ways to make French onion soup as there are days in a year, and Chef Andrew's recipe is at the top of the list. Think you've had French onion soup before and liked it? Just wait until you try his version! 150973463 Rustic apple pie Chef Andrew's grandma imparted the elusive knowledge of how to make the perfect pie crust. which is tender, flaky, and oh-so-good! 150973466 Moroccan orange cake Having lived on the Mediterranean Sea for a year, Chef Andrew had the opportunity to learn many authentic recipes from North Africa, including this luscious, buttery orange cake. 150973467 Poached pear tartelettes The French perfected the pastry arts and these are a great example of what to expect when you order a fruit tarte from Chef Andrew 150973468 Fresh, organic Lousiana kumquats Fresh, organic, local are three of Chef Andrew's favorite words! 150973469